Star Trek Elite Force 2, HaZardModding Coop Mod Install guide

HZM Coop Mod Install Guide on yt Installations Guide on YouTube

This installation guide was created by Wilverine, showing how to download and install STEF2 from step by step first.

Then how to download and install the HaZardModding Coop Mod for Star Trek Elite Force 2.

It also shows you how to select and start a Coop Mission from the ingame Menu.

Star Trek Elite Force 2, various Help Videos

Fix floating Guide on yt Floating Fix Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to fix the very low decent or floating issue on Mission 6, on the Enterprise Exterior.

This is a Physics bug of the game that is tied directly to the the FPS, so the console command com_maxfps 75 can fix this issue. For most users activating V-Sync or Monitor Syncronisation in the Video Menus under Advanced will fix this issue as well.

Full HD, 2K, 4K Screen Resolution Guide on yt Custom Resolution Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to set a Custom Screen Resolution, like Full HD, 2K or 4K or any other resolution you are using.

When the game was relased in 2003 the modern Screen Resolutions didn't exist yet, so they are not listen in the game menu.

How ever, via console commands you can set any Screenresolution you desire.

Fix Windows Scaling Guide on yt Scaleing Fix Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to fix the game being scaled like other applications, by Windows if you have scaling enabled.

This fix will work for any application or game that might appear to big or look overscaled on your screen.

This Windows feature was designed to help with small font and application sizes, it does how ever not differenciate games from other applications.

Fix OpenGL Guide on yt OpenGL Fix Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to fix the OpenGL Error when changing the game to a resolution that is not supported by your Hardware.

This can happen by selecting the wrong screen resolution from the Game menu or by entering a invalid Screen Resolution.

This happens when mixing up the width and height values, which happens quite frequently on accident by users.

Fix ingame Server Browser List Guide on yt Fix Server List Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to fix the ingame Server List Browser, which is broken only because the offical Master Server can no longer be reached.

The Community has a replacement Master Server, a pice of software created by the community can be used to fix this issue.

The Software basically redirects the game to contact the Community Master Server instead of the offical Activision Master Server.

Fix Mouse Guide on yt Fix Mouse Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to fix Issues with a misbahaving, laggy, spongy or not functioning Mouse inside the game.

There can be various reasons for this issue, they range from driver issues to software incompatibilities.

You can however change the way the game retrives the mouse input, this usually fixes any issues you are having.

Install Maps and Mods Guide on yt Install Maps and Mods Guide on YouTube

This Video shows how to install Maps and Mods to the game and how to load them.

There are many Comunity Maps and Mods that offer additional free content for the game many of them are quite worth playing.

If you don't want to figure out everything for your self, watch this general Guide Video to give you a quick introduction.