What is HaZardModding

HaZardModding is a non-profit Group of Developers, creating Modifications and Add-ons for various games.

We have created Mods, Add-ons, Tutorials, Guides, Tools, Patches and general content for the following games (in chronological order):

Star Trek: Armada II, Star Trek: Elite Force II, Star Trek: Legacy, Doom 3, Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K 2, Chrome (The Game by Techland), Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Not all of our content is released by HaZardModding, some of it is quietly integrated in projects of others.

The most noticeable projects are the HaZardModding Coop Mods. The Coop Mod for Elite Force II first released in 2007, is followed by the Coop Mod for Medal of Honor first released in December 2018.

Discord Logo We are also on Discord

Youtube Logo We are also on Youtube

Our Coop Servers are listed on the Community Master Server!

We have two Elite Force 2 and two Medal of Honor, Coop Servers

Elite Force 2 Community Online Serverlist Page

Medal of Honor Community Online Serverlist Page