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We are terribly sorry for this, but since it has become fashionable to sue and send dissuasion letters to Website Owners as a part of a new business model for Lawyers, to make quickly Money without having a actual Client with a valid legal interest, we have to put up with all this legal stuff that got way out of hand.

Some argue that these Lawyers have questionable Ethics, and to be honest at this point it would be hard to convince me personally (Christian Strahl) otherwise.

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  • Help us to resolve any Legal dispute with minimal cost of resources time and personal spend on it.
  • No Dissuasion without prior advance warning, contact the Domain Owner by witting a letter. The objective here is to minimize any kind of damage to all involved, and to primarily resolve any disagreements what ever they maybe in a civilised and especially reasonable manner.
  • If you find illegal ( is located in Germany) contents on contact the Domain Owner at once, we will have them removed immediately after verification.
  • You are responsible for sharing the contents of this The contents of are for personal use only. This includes all contents, especially Articles, Images and Downloads.
  • Content, especially Downloads on may contain material that could be offensive to some audiences. This may include (Violence, Blood, Nudity ) these materials are not be pornographic and are not promoting violence in a manner that would be unlawful to the best of our knowledge. Report any legal issues to the owner of this Domain so that it may be resolved quickly.
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